Back in Action
Posted by brandon on Tue, 15 Apr 2008 at 20:22:48

It's been a very long while since I've made any updates to the site, or even moderated the forums for that matter. I have taken a new interest in the site and am going to try my hardest to keep the forums cleaned up. I will see about adding new customized information pages in the future, as I find the time. I also plan on adding a few more tutorials. If you have any suggestions on topics, MySpace customizations or new tutorials to add, please post it in the forums.

As some of you may have noticed there was a lot of crap in the forums, in terms of unwanted posts. I have since cleaned up all the forums and put stricter rules on being able to become a member and posting topics, to try and curb some of this unwanted posting.

Until next time, happy MySpace modding.

Site Issue With MySQL Error
Posted by brandon on Thu, 24 Aug 2006 at 19:00:11

As some of you may have noticed, there was an issue with ModMySpace not loading correctly earlier today. This was due to a MySQL error, which has now been fixed. If there are any other issues that any of you may have concerning how ModMySpace is loading, please feel free to contact me in the Forums. Thanks for your patience while I fixed this issue, and hopefully it will not happen again! Happy MySpace modding!

Feature Added to the Forum
Posted by brandon on Sat, 11 Feb 2006 at 19:55:10

Hello everyone!

I haven't been adding too many new features or tutorials recently, but I'm going to be working on that in the next few weeks.

A new feature I just added deals with the forum itself. I modified the forum so that everyone who becomes a new member must now enter their MySpace profile link. This is a mandatory field in which I though was neccessary for any new members who sign up. I have many questions asked on the forum about very specific problems, and it's really nice to be able to see the profile along with the description that the user gives. This makes it much easier for me to spot out the problem and hopefully solve it in a quick manner.

Current members can update their forum profile and add their MySpace profile link. Current members who want to modify something in their forum profile will be mandated to enter in their MySpace profile link before any other changes can occur.

When in the forum, you can find the MySpace profile link for each user on their profile page, or it can be found at the bottom of any posts made in the forum by that user.

I believe this new feature will be a benefit for all users of ModMySpace.

Welcome to ModMySpace! Customizing MySpace profiles has now been made easier. To create, edit, and generate a new custom look for your MySpace profile start by clicking on the "Customize" icon above. Also, be sure to check out our MySpace tutorials and interact in our many MySpace forums.

Filter Fix
MySpace has issued a new filter, which may affect the way your customized profile looks. Click here to go to filter fix form.


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